Can Valentina Lisitsa bounce back?

Can Valentina Lisitsa bounce back?


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2015

The dominant Youtube pianist, an outspoken pro-Kremlin activist in the Ukraine conflict, has published a video titled ‘To Donbass with Love’. An English translation is added for worldwide fans.

Donbass is the part of eastern Ukraine that is torn by civil war between Putin-backed secessionists and Ukraine loyalists.

Valentina has nailed her colours to the mast.

Yellow Lounge - Valentina 3


  • tess says:

    ….and it starts with that horribly unmusical performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight. Why is she doing this, why Valentina, why? Has she lost her mind?

  • SVM says:

    For the benefit of those of us who must have obviously missed it, could you cite the interview or announcement where Putin actually ‘backed’ the secessionists? I was under the impression that this had not happened.

  • V.Lind says:

    Her colours have been “nailed to the mast” for a very long time. Only her slavish devotees refused to see it.

  • Milka says:

    What a carefully staged interview -even the russian muzhik must laugh at this .
    BS piled higher and deeper with every blink of those matryoshka doll eyes .

  • Doug says:

    Who said she ever fell? Norman, don’t succumb to the thought that as a critic you have the power to both make or break a performer.

  • Colin Eatock says:

    I find it interesting that nobody speculates about whether Valerie Gergiev has “done himself in” for his pro-Putin stance. What makes Lisitsa (who is not really “pro-Putin” at all, by the way) such a fragile figure in the eyes of so many?

  • Colin Eatock says:

    And for more information about Lisitsa’s recent adventures in Toronto …

  • Bill Bonner says:

    Valentina comes across as a passionate and informed person. She has brought much joy and intelligence to her performances and is a generous spirit. The contentious issue is not important to her career and brilliance as a musician, Valentina is a citizen of the world and we are lucky to have her.

  • milka says:

    Censorship under any guise is still censorship ain’t that so Mr. Lebrecht ?????

  • Tom Collins says:

    Having heard her play I’m not surprised by her inane views, she is dreadful.

  • Tom Crown says:

    There is nothing in Lisitsa’s message that is Pro-Kremlin, as you classify her. She never speaks of Russia, she never speaks of Kremlin, she never posts anything to actively or proactively support Russia’s position in the conflict.

    What she does say is that she is against the current regime in Ukraine, against Poroshenko, and the state of affairs and policies in what is her own country.

    Don’t commit the journalistic propagandistic faux pas of calling her PRO KREMLIN. She is most definitely not.