The audience that says ‘thank you’

The audience that says ‘thank you’


norman lebrecht

July 16, 2015

Message from Francois-Xavier Roth, music director of the SWR Freiburg orchestra that the broadcaster is shutting down.

Yesterday after our last concert of the season our incroyable audience stood on their feet and showed us these “Danke” (signs); I had to go back to my dress room to take my mobile phone to take the pics.


The programme included Boulez: le Marteau sans Maître.




  • Ju says:

    That meant “thank you for stopping that endless noise you made during half an hour”. It is physically impossible that so much people in the same concert hall appreciate Boulez. They can’t fill a classroom with the “Boulez lovers world summit”.

  • Mark Hildrew says:

    ==The programme included Boulez: le Marteau sans Maître ===

    So where is John Borstlap (SD Boulez-critic in chief ) to make some witticism about ‘Danke’ really being for Le Marteau having finished ?

  • George King says:

    What crappy comments.

  • william osborne says:

    The SWR Orchestra was used for the Donaueschingen Festival which is devoted to highly modernist, contemporary music. It is the mot prestigious contemporary music festival in the world. Composers who follow in the traditions of Boulez are the norm. The festival sells all of its tickets every year. In fact, if you want a ticket, it is usually necessary to order them weeks or months in advance.

  • Mark Hildrew says:

    ===What crappy comments.

    Err, that’s not to say we agree with the esteemed Mr Borstlap and his amusing comments about ‘sonic art’. I actuallly love Boulez’ music and was sorry I was not at this concert.

    And it’s shameful that the orchestra is shutting down !

  • Pont says:

    The program was not Boulez but Nielsen, Copland and Bartok with live drawing projection.


    If this can happen to the SWF orchestra, how many BBC orchestras will still be here next Prom season?