‘Rock star’ wins principal flute at the Leipzig Gewandhaus

‘Rock star’ wins principal flute at the Leipzig Gewandhaus


norman lebrecht

June 06, 2015

We’re delighted to report that  the Swiss artist, Sebastian Jacot, considered a flute rock star by his fellow-pros, has just won the Principal Flute position at the Leipzig Gewandaus.

Sebastian, 27, won the Kobe competition in 2013, the Nielsen in 2014, before being mysteriously eliminated after a brilliant performance at the Geneva finals this year. He was advanced to the finals for Berlin’s Princ.

He was in contention for the Berlin Philharmonic position, which was won by Chicago’s Matthieu Dufour.

Sebastian plays a wooden flute, like his teacher, Jaques Zoon.

Leipzig have picked a winner.

sebastian jacot2


  • M. Dunn says:

    He plays a wooden flute? Why does the photo show a metal flute?

    • Anon says:

      He usually competes on his wooden flute. I believe he won both Kobe and Nielsen playing wood. The warm sound and exceptional color palate he achieves on that instrument are often considered to be an important part of his artistic signature.

      He follows in the footsteps of his teacher, the great Jacques Zoon, former Principal Flute of Concertgebouw and Boston, who pioneered the use of the wooden flute in the modern orchestral setting.

      Sebastian, as with many flutists, has more than one flute at his disposal. We understand that shortly after winning Kobe, he commissioned a hand-crafted gold flute which he also
      uses in his performances. That is apparently the flute pictured in this photo.

      We know from watching the livestream of all phases of the Nielsen that he competed and won 1st prize exclusively on his wooden flute. Here is the video of his 1st round. An extraordinary artist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eno7DkM4kY8

  • Gerhard says:

    Unfortunately I don’t read Japanese, but the flute in the picture doesn’t look particularly wooden to me.

  • Alvaro Mendizabal says:

    So…….now competitions matter??

  • Ray says:

    Does anyone know who left their a Chair that he could fill it?
    Did Gromann finally retire?

  • Patrick says:

    Mr Jacot plays one of three cocus wooden Haynes made in 1999, a 14k custom made golden Parmenon and a silver Miyazawa