Jazz giant is felled by a stroke. Can you help?

Jazz giant is felled by a stroke. Can you help?


norman lebrecht

June 21, 2015

Dave Valentin is a legend on jazz flute. Three years ago he suffered a stroke, followed by a heart attack. Then another stroke. Dave, 63, needs help of every kind. Go to crowdfunder.

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dave valentin


  • IRENE says:

    Thank You for Posting This To Help David. I am Irene and Friends with David since JHS 133. This Campain “GoFundMe” was started by David’s Niece ~ Debbie Philips Valentin to Help David Financially after his 2nd Stroke . I ALONG WITH DAVID Run a FB Group ~ “Friends of Dave Valentin” . It is for Anyone that would like to Post Pictures With David ,Stories , Send a Prayer and Words of Support David Personally Sees ALL Your Posts and Appreciates all the Love ,Caring and Support from All His Friends and Fans and Says Thank You and God Bless

  • Carl Accettola says:

    I would love to know how Dave is doing. If Dave is well enough I would like to meet him for a few minutes.
    Thank you.

  • Patricia says:

    Is this information still valid? I am a retiree who sawDave perform many times many years ago . Recently my grandson told me he wanted to continue his study of the flute and I suggested he HAD to hear Dave’s music. I had no idea of this tragedy. I will share the information and contribute. His music and his style is not forgotten.

  • Maribel Premdas (was Rivera) says:

    I went to JHS 133 with David, my name is Maribel, I was in the band and orchestra, I think he will remember me. I would love to come see him. I will be in NY for the summer.

  • Adele Godinez says:

    I had the honor of seeing Mr. Valentin perform at the Blue Note and other venues in NYC. I even saw him at Orchard Beach riding his bicycle but I was too shy to say hello and tell him how much I appreciated his special gift. I can always tell when he’s the flutist on any given recording because its uniquely his sound and his soul.
    My prayers are with you always. You have enriched my life more than you’ll ever know.