Conductor is ‘cleared of expenses abuse’

Conductor is ‘cleared of expenses abuse’


norman lebrecht

June 01, 2015

An article published in South Korea by one of the auditors scrutinising the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s books over the past ten years says that there is no grounds for suspicion against the music director, Myung Whun Chung. Rather than fiddling expenses, writes the experienced music administrator Byungkwon Oh, the SPO actually owes its maestro more than $100,000 in unclaimed expenses.

The allegations against Chung originated with the former chief executive of the orchestra, Park Hyun-jung, who has been trying to discredit the organisation since she was forced out at the end of last year.

The audit has not yet been published officially, but Mr Oh said he decided to go public this week in the Daejonilbo newspaper out of concern that South Korea might lose the only conductor of international stature it has ever produced.




  • Nick says:

    Did anyone ever doubt this would be the result? I trust someone will now start a long legal action against the dreadful Ms Park for all the lies and vitriol she has spread.

  • 110 says:

    Bravo,i’m so glad!
    He is a great conductor,he brings the concerts to the level of events.

  • Nick says:

    Did anyone ever believe that the result would be any different? I hope now that the authorities will slap the disastrous Ms Park with a complicated law suit that will occupy her time for a long time to come.

  • T-ARAFANBOY says:

    Great news and about time!
    There’s still hope for music in South Korea! Let’s hope the country will come to its’ senses now…