Almost all Russians in Tchaikovsky voice competition

Almost all Russians in Tchaikovsky voice competition


norman lebrecht

June 17, 2015

Here’s the women’s selection, just announced. Apart from China’s Xianglei Fang, Poland’s Ewa Tracz and Korea’s Eun Kyong Lim, they are almost all home grown. Fair?

tchaik women

UPDATE: Full list.

Litvin, Anna Russia
Pavlova, Natalya Russia
Shishkova, Irina Russia
Tracz, Ewa Poland
Bazargurueva, Ayuna Russia
Gulik, Maria Russia
Teemets, Arete Estonia
Starkova, Tatiana Russia
Fang, Xianglei China
Moskalenko, Svetlana Russia
Kazaryan, Diana Russia
Galoyan, Mane Armenia
Fedorova, Anastasia Russia
Vesenina, Antonina Russia
Ablaeva, Emilia Russia
Dushina, Evgenia Russia
Matochkina, Yulia Russia
Lim, Eun Kyong South Korea
Protasova, Venera Russia
Gaskarova, Gelena Russia



Selivanov, Ilya Russia
Choi, Kidon South Korea
Demidchik, Dmitry Russia
Achmedov, Evgeny Russia
Saduakhassov, Damir Kazakhstan
Bayarsaikhan, Batjargal Mongolia
Ryausov, Victor Russia
Lee, Myonghyun South Korea
Kim, Seungjick South Korea
Hukasian, Harri Ukraine
Wang, Chuanyue China
Yang, Jongsoo South Korea
Petryanik, Yaroslav Russia
Yoo, Hansung South Korea
Agadzhanian, Migran Russia
Rozyev, Ruslan Russia
Nersesyan, Hovhannes Armenia
Li, Ao China
Zaraev, Anton Russia
Suchkov, Konstantin Russia
Kim, Keonwoo South Korea
Choe, Chol Jun North Korea
Chimed, Enkhtaivan Mongolia
Melikhov, Artiom Russia
Lyulkin, Roman Russia
Lee, Kyubong South Korea
Babik, Alexander Russia
Chuluunbaatar, Badral Mongolia
Oyuunchimeg, Khurelbaatar Mongolia
Krutikov, Ivan Russia
Mirzakamalov, Rakhim Usbekistan
Hong, Sung Hwa South Korea
Ayvazyan, Hovhannes Armenia
Evchuk, Yuri Ukraine
Kim, Won South Korea
Grigoriev, Dmitry Russia
Chernetsov, Grigory Russia
Kim, Taeseup South Korea
Ganbaatar, Ariunbaatar Mongolia
Kim, Yohan South Korea



  • Peter says:

    You never know. Need to look at the application list first. Then at the quality of all of them.
    Could be not too many westerners actually applied, since Russia is not the most attractive travel destination right now.
    Russia certainly produces a LOT of vocal talent, just look at our opera stages.

  • Musicmatters says:

    Well…Think about it: Can non-Russians really “wail” à la Russe? Actually, they might be better off if they can’t.

    • Peter says:

      Let’s try to make a point here and quote you in context:

      “Think about it: Can non-Jews really “wail” like a Jew? Actually, they might be better off if they can’t.”

      Got it? You think this kind of hate speech is acceptable concerning Russians? Because?

      • Alex says:

        Can non-social justice warriors really “wail” like social justice warriors? Actually, they might be better off if they can’t.

  • Yige Li says:

    Do you mean Russia or USSR?

    Mane Galoyan (Armenia)
    Arete Teemets (Estonia)

    Some statistics:
    There were 40 female singers auditioning, 9 of which are not from Russia (Russia, not USSR). 19 out of 40 were selected for round 1 (plus 1 invited singer, so 20 singers for round 1 in all).

    Maths time:
    Which number is larger? 9/40 or 5/20?

    It’s just the vocal division of Tchaikovsky Competition is not as important and international a thing as, say, piano division. Plus, for singers, during this summer, there are 3 high-profile competitions, Tchaikovsky, BBC Cardiff, Operalia (all streamed worldwide). And they could choose not to compete but attend (high-profile) summer programs for young artists. Also Tchaikovsky is the one asks the largest program, and the only one requests singer to sing in Russian (one song each for round 1 and 2, plus one aria for final). This could be specially demanding for non-Russian background singers.

  • Philip Amos says:

    Wise comments from Peter and Yige Li. Before getting the Cold War started again, it might be well to remember Khrushchev’s reaction when Cliburn won the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition. Appalled officials rushed to the Kremlin to ask him what they should do. “Was he the best?”, he asked. Yes. “Then give it to him.” But Yige has the best grasp on this. Yige’s obviously a voice specialist. I’m piano, violin, and conducting. Most notably, though, none of us were there to hear the competitors sing. I find that always beneficial before making a judgement or hinting at skulduggery.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Has anyone British tried any of the competitions?

  • withheld says:

    Apparently This voice competition is a contest between students of Mariinsky Academy of Young opera singers (headed by Larisa Gergieva, Valery’s sister) & the rest!

  • harold braun says:

    Just face the truth!They are just better than the rest!Better trained,better prepared and vocally equipped,more professionally experienced.After 30 years of coaching singers i can tell you that.We should learn from that and improve our teaching systems.Conspiracy theories don´t help here.

  • vonessek says:

    Instead of conspiracy-paranoia theories, you guys should listen to broadcasts on medici and then criticize – the level of performance, not politics…