Three viola concertos in the same concert

Like three girlfriends on the go at the same time? A bit too much to handle.

The marathon man is Andriy Viytovych, principal viola of the orchestra of the Royal Opera House and the concertos he will be playing are by Walton, Bartók and Hindemith (Der Schwanendreher). The concert requires two conductors, Barry Wordsworth and Paul Wynne Griffiths.

Proceeds to St Mungo’s Broadway, a charity that helps people recover from homelessness.

It’s on May 25. Tickets here.

andriy viytovych


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    • These are probably the three most taxing and technically challenging viola concertos in the repertoire…

  • I can think of hardly a more tedious program. These are not great pieces, even though two of them–Bartók and Walton–are good pieces. Schwanendreher pales in comparison to the concerto from its composer’s Kammermusik series. To echo some of the other commenters: why not Telemann or Schnittke?

  • I’d like to hear those who make mean-spirited remarks on the assumption that be rude about violas is automatically funny, perform a feat that shows the skill and musicianship that Andriy will display next week.
    I cannot agree with ‘recovering violist’, maybe he has not completely recovered yet. I think Schwanendreher is a very fine piece, I enjoy playing it and teaching it although I agree Kammermusik No 5 is even better. The Bartok is the one I have trouble with, despite the various attempts to put together the sketches it is still something of a patchwork quilt and not what it could have been if Bartok had completed it.

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