Hot young conductor finds role as male model

He’s the leader of the new Finnish pack, a dazzling baton with schoolboy looks and a host of international engagements. We’re not sure this latest gig does much for the career of  Santtu-Matias Rovali, 29.

He has lent himself to a fashion photoshoot at the Sibelius shrine of Ainola, apparently simluating the composer’s daily life. Full story in the Helsingin Sanomat.

rovali1                                   rovali2

Just lounging around, as composers do.


Mucking around at the piano.


And so to bed.

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  • Oh dear, oh dear. Embarrassingly staged, both of them as awkward as hell in front of a camera. Top job within the year.

  • I hope his conducting is superior to these terrible, frightful fashion statements.
    And why has he taken a cane to bed?
    Sibelius’ memory is ill-served here for sure!

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