Auction house ends instrument sales

Auction house ends instrument sales


norman lebrecht

May 15, 2015

Bonhams have quit the instrument business after this week’s auction, where the top item was a 1700-ish Maggini (pictured).

Bonhams rank third in London instrument sales, but the general auction houses are facing pressure from online sales by Beare’s, Tarisio and other specialist dealers.

Philip Scott, the instrument buyer who is leaving Bonhams, should have no difficulty in finding an alternative post.


bonhams violin


  • Richard Wallace says:

    A “1700 – ish” Maggini? I thought he died in around 1630. A spot of investigative journalism required?

  • James McCarty says:

    Bonhams seem to be doing very well with rare and valuable fountain pens.

  • ulysses says:

    If that is indeed a Giovanni Maggini, it is a very late work, since he died in 1632.