3 Koreans, 2.5 Americans, 2 Germans in Reine Elisabeth violin finals

3 Koreans, 2.5 Americans, 2 Germans in Reine Elisabeth violin finals


norman lebrecht

May 17, 2015

The results were announced at midnight last night.

The finalists are:


reine elisabeth

Tobias Feldmann, 24, Germany

William Hagen, 22, USA

Kim Bomsori, 25, South Korea

Lee Ji Yoon, 22, South Korea

Lim Ji Young, 20, South Korea

Mohri Fumika, 21, Japan

Thomas Reif, 23, Germany

Kenneth Renshaw, 21, USA

Oleksii Semenenko, 26, Ukraine

Stephen Waarts, 18, Netherlands/USA

Wang Xiao, 28, China

Ching-Yi Wei, 20, Taiwan.




  • Milka says:

    Another 12 who will bore us to death with the ever same concerti …all looking for a piece of the pie and if true to form all sounding alike and bringing nothing new to violin playing
    except a different slant on old worn out works .

    • Henry says:

      The purpose of competing is to convey as complete of a picture of your artistic statement as possible – for this reason, repertoire choices are carefully thought through to highlight many sides of your playing.

      Thus, to substitute masterpieces like the Brahms/Sibelius/Tchaikovsky for some obscure concerto would be ludicrous. Sorry ’bout it.

      • Milka says:

        To believe your observation is to believe the moon is made of green cheese

      • Max Grimm says:

        The purpose of competing that you point out is, in my opinion, all too often merely notional. Another verity is that “pleasing the jury” and “convincing the jury” are not synonymous; something some musicians forget at times.

  • Louis Dubé says:

    Look out for Stephen Waarts, a sensitive musician who blew many away at the Montréal competition 2 years ago !