2Cellos tour ended by injury

2Cellos tour ended by injury


norman lebrecht

April 24, 2015

An unfortunate accident has halted the 2Cellos US tour.

The injury is to Stjepan Hauser’s neck.

UPDATE: A press release said: ‘The group apologizes to their fans and looks forward to returning to the US after Stjepan has healed.’

2Cellos are a crossover duo from Croatia, signed to Sony Music Masterworks.

2nd UPDATE: A Sony executive informs Slipped Disc: ‘I am happy to report that the injury is not serious, however, per medical recommendation, Stjepan has been advised to take a few weeks to recuperate.’




  • Alvaro Mendizabal says:

    Thats so sad. People will not be able to enjoy the classical masterpieces “Smooth Criminal” by classical composer Michael Jackson, “the Trooper” by the classical quintet Iton Maiden or “Viva La Vida” by avant garde contemporary group Coldplay (boulez would be so proud). All masterfully arranged by Hauser/ Right, Norman ;)? This is not crossover, THIS IS classical music.

    • Stereo says:


      • Alvaro Mendizabal says:

        If you are following todays trends, even badly, you’ll see the redefinition of the genre as “any music played on a cello/violin”. According to that definition, death metal played in the violin = Classical Music. Apply that framework to what labels/management/performing arts centers are doing, and you’ll see it fits perfectly. Of course, remnants of the old definition are still there, but the trend is clear. If not, ask the Proms 😉

    • Robert Holmén says:

      I attended a 2014 concert in Dallas and I would say that just about every boy cello player and his supportive supportive parents for 100 miles must have been there.

      The hall was completely packed, the applause was louder than any other concert event I’ve ever been to and they were obviously excited to see this non-typical use of the cello being done by performers who could do it well and were excited to be in the company of so many people who were interested in the same thing.

      I suspect many of them went home with a new-found enthusiasm for their instrument that they thought no one was excited about.

      (Caution to anyone considering attending a 2Cellos concert: bring ear plugs. It is loud.)

      • Alvaro Mendizabal says:

        A newfound enthusiasm to play METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN on the cello, NOT beethoven, Dvorak, Elgar or anything actually written for the instrument itself.

        Fits perfectly with what I state above.

        • Robert Holmén says:

          I’m sure no Beethoven sonatas will disappear because someone played music by someone else. We’ve had 200 years for that to happen and they’re still here.

          • Alvaro Mendizabal says:

            They will not disappear, just as Latin has not ‘disappeared’ from universities and schools (specially in europe). However, just like Latin is considered a ‘dead language’, much of the music we consider classical will be essentially that – studied in academia but simply irrelevant to the cultural and social discourse, even in the ‘classical’ music industry (with the eventual Beethoven symphony here and there, the ‘war horses’ that orchestras already repeat ad libitum (there’s how Latin has survived in our society, little snippets, the same will be with Beethoven) every week.

  • Regina says:

    Get well soon Stjepan. Oo and this little mistake in text, Luka Šulič is from Slovenia, not Croatia.

  • kurtiss says:

    nor shall we here the refrains of Voodoo People by the famed prodigy of the keyboards Liam Howlett

  • Jennifer Cuddy says:

    They have gotten more people interested in classical music than many other musicians. Yes people start to like them because of the crossover material but then they look at their whole career and find their true greatness. They bring people to classical music that would not have come to it if not through first listening to their crossover pieces. It cannot be denied that Hauser is one of the greatest cello players of all time. Rostropovich thought as much, as do many others. Once in an interview Hauser was asked what the classical world thought of what he was doing and he said “They’re jealous.” I think it fits the case perfect here.

  • Robin D Bermanseder says:

    A pity, I hope they return soon. They do much to raise awareness of a more classical sound, to many who would otherwise not know about alternatives to bland pop.

    They are up to 6th position on the billboard classical charts this week:

  • Alvaro Mendizabal says:

    Robert, why do we call Latin a ‘dead language’? It didnt disappear, its still taught in universities and schools around the world, predominantly in Europe. However, for the world affairs, its become essentially irrelevant.

    The same way, I sadly see classical music becoming an item of academia and musicological study, not an essential part of becoming a performing musician. If 2 cellos, The Piano Guys, David Garrett, and Il Divo have demonstrated anything in the past years, is that to become a ‘classical’ artist, playing what you and I consider classical music pieces is not only not required…its not even a necessity. Its dead.

  • Rose says:

    am a massive fan and sad to hear about the injury. hope you get better soon Stjepan. you are my idols and I love you both soooooo much! all the best to you both and I hope people from all around the world get to listen and hopefully watch you amazing musicians play your beautiful music. <3 2CELLOS <3

  • Nancy says:

    I’m a massive 2Cellos fan since Michel Jackson cover 🙂
    So relieved that Stjepan is ok. Their 2016 Tour is huge and they are coming to Atlanta. Yey!
    According to the tour site many shows are already sold out (http://2cellostickets.com/tour/)

  • Wayne W says:

    I think I read somewhere else that Luka was more severely injured. What it said was that one of his wrists was shattered and there was a question whether he was going to play again. Obviously he has recovered.