Maestro performs 3 times in 24 hours (beat that, Gergiev)

Maestro performs 3 times in 24 hours (beat that, Gergiev)


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2015

He thought Zurich was going to be an easy gig.

The French conductor Alain Altinoglu was booked to conduct a contemporary opera by Christian Jost at the Zurich Opera on Saturday night. With a fairly relaxed schedule, he thought nothing of adding a little chamber music recital on Sunday morning with a few friends from the opera orchestra.

In mid-recital, he was asked to step in for Mahler 6th on Sunday night as Mikko Franck had fallen sick.

No time for rest, reflection or rehearsal. Just a quick run-through of the tricky bits in the afternoon.

At 7.30pm, unnanounced on the website, Alain was back on the podium, driving Mahler 6 without Satnav. It went pretty well, we hear.

‘La vie est cool,’ he messaged this morning.

Wonder what he’s doing tonight.


UPDATE: Oops… Gergiev just beat him.


  • gergievis61beatthat says:

    Congrats! However, you should remember that Gergiev is 61 and, yes, he could beat this 39 year old.

  • Gustav says:

    Well, it’s actually not 3, but 4 performances that Alain Altinoglu performed over the 3 last days : two chamber music concerts, one opera and Mahler 6;-)