Pittsburgh pitches for composer-performers

Pittsburgh pitches for composer-performers


norman lebrecht

February 11, 2015

Music director Manfred Honeck has announced four soloists playing their own compositions next season.

Organ extrovert Cameron Carpenter will premiere his new concerto.



Daniil Trifonov will play his recent piano concerto in E-flat minor. Stewart Copeland, formerly of The Police, will appear in his first percussion concerto, titled The Tyrant’s Crush. And pianist Conrad Tao will present an orchestral piece, Pangu.

Different. Calculatedly different.



  • Alberto Martinez says:

    The show bussines side of composition is interesting and my respect for the composers-performers. All this happening while conservative orchestras will never premiere orchestral works of a lost generation of composeres .Thank Goodness there are chamber music ensembles !!!!