Arts and culture to be replaced by sex classes

Arts and culture to be replaced by sex classes


norman lebrecht

February 18, 2015

The day after a Parliamentary committee recommended an increase in sex education in all British schools, from primary up, a Warwick University commission has warned that ‘creativity, culture and the arts are being systematically removed from the education system.’

Why can’t we have both? This binary one-or-the-other form of political management is intellectually ruinous.

They seem to balance it quite well in France and Italy (below).
la linea sexy

h/t: AC


  • Andrew says:

    Well, Norman, this is precisely where we could expect things to come to after decades of “moral relativism”, “aesthetic relativism” and “cultural relativism”. While most of the artistic community, has been passionately arguing that pretty much anything can be called art and that along political lines, more freedom of expression of anything, particularly public expression of sexual content, is always better, it makes perfect sense that sexuality as a subject in school would replace the arts. After all, as kids are naturally more interested in sex than high arts, therefore, they should spend more time learning about sex, particularly from people who have a vested interest in broadening societies definition of what is acceptable.