Who’s this on Sweden’s new banknotes?

birgit nilsson swedish bank note1

Yo-ho, to-ho, it’s Birgit Nilsson. Coming to your bank October 2015.

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  • One might expect that an operatic soprano whose ability to negotiate a very good performance fee was apparently pretty amazing would appear on the highest value bank note – but actually she doesn’t quite make it to the top of the new Swedish bank note pile.

    Is this a secret message from the Swedish authorities about the expected level of fees for operatic mega-stars of the future???

    • Thanks for this link. I now know I should get rid of my last 40 kronor, which I have since my last trip to Sweden years ago, before they become invalid.

      The new notes look nice! Might try to get one of these Nilsson 40 pound notes one day.

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