Breaking: Carnegie Hall offers $20 snow specials for Gergiev concert

Breaking: Carnegie Hall offers $20 snow specials for Gergiev concert


norman lebrecht

January 27, 2015

Six hours before show time, the box office must be dead. The hall has just sent this out:

We’re offering a Snow Day Special tonight! See the Mariinsky Orchestra for $20 using promo code SNOW21160.

Tickets for the concert were originally priced at $25.50-$160


carnegie hall interior


  • David Irwin says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Has been says:

    Congratulations to Carnegie for making one of the worlds best orchestras and conductors available in difficult circumstances at bargain prices with a wonderful program of Russian music.

    • harold braun says:

      Exactly, Has Been.And let’s hope the craps about Me.Gergiev stops here!

      • marina says:

        Mr. Gergiev has chose to publicly and vocally support mass killings in an brutal military occupation of Ukraine by Russian armed forces. He should be banned from stepping into any venue in the civilized world , not speaking of performing there.

  • Milka says:

    Russian garbage at 20 bucks is still Russian garbage .Carnegie is just a rental hall and
    serves no purpose except to make rent money and is trying to cover expenses as best they can. One can only hope this group is met with poor houses at every turn .

  • harold braun says:

    And,just in case you missed it,given the poor level of your comment:Carnegie Hall was,and IS,a home only for the greatest of performers!!!Everything else…just bull!

  • hypocritesgalore says:

    If thiz is to illustrate the weakness in Mariinsky sales you’re wrong. This concert was nearly sold out – as with all lther Mariinsky event in NYC – just like tomorrow’s concert at Carnegie Hall with Matsuev and, guess who, Gergie and the Mariinsky.

    Slippedisc is obsessed with reporting every Gergiev move. Ironically, it’s like you’re doing PR for Russia. What about others artists? Perhaps artists from Ukraine? This is getting old for readers who used to enjoy this blog.

  • JAMA11 says:

    Breaking News: Arts Organization Offers Last Minute Deals for Concert That Isn’t Sold Out

  • hypocritesgalore says:

    Breaking News: Snow News Day.

  • harold braun says:

    Wonder when Maestro Gergiev conducts the Vienna Philharmonic next time.In this case, Mr.Leberecht could kill his two favourite birds with one stone….

  • hypocritesgalore says:

    Incredibly, the concert had a six minute standing ovation by a nearly full house. There were ten protesters outside. There’s still an audience for a great Russian orchestra and a great Maestro. Shocking.