Bavarian Opera goes for same-sex, mixed-race kiss

This is the arresting cover of the new issue of the Bayerische Staatsoper magazine, Max Joseph.

max joseph

Can’t see it happening at Covent Garden or the Met.

Painting by Finnish artist Jani Leinonen.

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  • A woman dressed as a cartoonish milk maid is passionately kissing another woman dressed up like Carmen Miranda. This is what passes for provocative? Is this image supposed to refer to or evoke anything in particular? I mean, the Met can put a Robert Mapplethorpe photo on the cover of their donor magazine if they feel like it.

  • You write That you “can’t see this happening at Covent Garden or the Met”. I can’t see it at all, at least not on Slipped Disc, because like most other pictures it still doesn’t show. The link works, though. Thanks!

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