Soloist, rushed to hospital, resumes recital in shades

Soloist, rushed to hospital, resumes recital in shades


norman lebrecht

December 18, 2014

This just in from our London neighbour, the wonderful accordion virtuoso Ksenija Sidorova:

Dear audience in Erfurt! Thanks for being understanding and sorry for wearing glasses tonight. I usually never do that, so I feel like dropping a little note…

If you heard sirens of ambulance today it was me being driven to the hospital where moments before the show I got treatment from a massive allergy which resulted in my eyes being almost completely closed.

ksenija hospital


Luckily the wondeful Katie Melua had a pair of shades and saved me for tonight! (She is so super lovely, you’ve no idea!!)

Thanks again for the warm applause! Off i go to put ice patches in hope to get rid of it asap.


ksenija shades


  • Christian says:

    Wow.Wished I lived in a time where “stars” didn’t take pictures of themselves in hospital beds and didn’t namedrop Katie Melua. (And journalists didn’t write about it.)

  • Jasmine R says:

    Tom Waits — ‘A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.’

    This should apply to ladies too.

  • Gary Carpenter says:

    She’s actually a very fine player…

  • Christian says:

    Technically, you’re right when you say it’s not a selfie. I guess this photo, probably taken by a friend or a member of the hospital staff, with the V sign, was just intended for her private photo album anyway – don’t know how it ended up in the redactor’s inbox. Probably by accident. Not sent by her, no, no way.

    “If you’re that bothered about stories about stars in hospital beds, people who name-drop Katie Melua, and journalists who write about them, then maybe, I don’t know, don’t read them!”

    If you can come up with something more dull than this most boring comment in the entire history of internet, please let me know, you will be famous, I promise you (but I won’t hold my breath, to put it that way.)