Silliest pianist greeting of the century

Just in from LL.


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  • Leave it to you to “Bah Humbug” something harmless and fun made by Lang Lang’s foundation for children’s musical education. Get a sense of humor and a little holiday spirit, Norman. How about a 2015 resolution of no more Lang Lang-hating posts?

  • Grammatically, that headline could potentially be interpreted in one of two possible ways: the clip is either the silliest greeting of the century from a pianist (as opposed to a violinist, cellist, etc.), or it’s the greeting of the century from the silliest pianist. I know which interpretation I’m going with (hint: it’s not the one that was probably intended)!

    • Facetiousness out of place. Beheadings, murder, rape, child abuse and abduction in the name of a perverted ideology are no laughing matter.

      • I can’t exactly laugh about this video clip either…and it also deals with rape — the rape of Tchaikovsky’s music, the rape of the Sugar Plum Fairy. And that from a foundation that wants to “inspire and motivate the next generation of classical music lovers and performers”…

  • They could at least have got the melody right…..C sharp instead of C natural grates on my ears if I have to listen to it to the bitter end….!

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