New vid: Subway string quartet puts NY commuters on their toes

New vid: Subway string quartet puts NY commuters on their toes


norman lebrecht

December 22, 2014

How many pirouettes can you manage between trains? Start counting now.

string quartet subway

They are playing a clip of Brandenburg concerto – that much we know. But we have not yet managed to identify the musicians, or the subway station. Can anyone help?


  • Sixtus says:

    This could be the Union Square stop on the 4-5-6 and N-R-Q lines. They are set up in the usual location for performers, above a platform for the N-R-Q lines. This is the stop that delivers me to two of the city’s great cultural institutions: Strand Books on 12th and Academy Records on 18th.

  • Lisa Fogler says:

    Fabulous, loved it! Thanks Norman. I wonder who they are, does anyone recognize them? Students at a local Arts school maybe? And the dancers also.

  • Andrew Janss says:

    I think the first violinist is Eliano Braz.

  • Roy Lisker says:

    Absolutely delightful! What a shame that the event was marred by the spectacle of so many ignorant clods walking past without even a sidelong glance at this performance of great music.

  • Melissa A says:

    The young lady, my daughter, is from Manhattan Youth Ballet. Two of the young men are from Dance Theater of Harlem and the third is from Alvin Ailey.

    This was at the 14th and 8th Ave station late Friday evening.

    The crowd was definitely larger than seen on the video and there was a hearty round of applause that is not on the video either. 🙂

  • Deborah nyc says:

    This is definately Eliano Braz with Terra Quartet. 6463186929. It is awesome to watch them in the narrow platform of bedford ave.