Maestro news: Agent signs speedy Italian

Maestro news: Agent signs speedy Italian


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2014

She has been making waves at the keyboard, first as Riccardo Muti’s rehearsal assistant, more recently leading her own productions from the harpsichord. Many in the biz think Speranza Scappucci is in for a big baton career. Numerous agents have been bidding for her hand.

Speranza has chosen Stephen Wright at ICA to manage her worldwide.



  • corinna68 says:

    Scappucci is an amazing talent! I have now seen her twice, in NYC just 2 weeks ago at Juilliard for il Turco in Italia and back in the summer at the Macerata Festival in La Traviata. Impeccable technique and such musicianship and control of orchestra and stage!! her turco was a gem! and the way she passes from the harpsichord to the orchestra with such ease! It’s clear she has had great experiences and years training singers, she breaths with them while leading them! If I am not mistaken, though, she has been with ICA and PrimaFila artists for more than a year…could be wrong…