Chinese power conductor receives Légion d’honneur

Long Yu, music director of the China Philharmonic and the Shanghai and Guangzhou symphony orchestras, was awarded the Legion of Honour today by Emmanuel Lenain, Consul General of France in Shanghai. Long Yu has forged close relations with the Orchestre de Paris.
long yu 1

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  • It is a sad reflection of the state of orchestral music in China that the three main orchestras – and the Beijing Music Festival – all have the same Music Director. Long Yu’s political contacts are impeccable!

  • A sad day for the music world today. Yu Long gets the highest medal of France. What did he do for France and French classical music? Invited the Paris orchestra to play in China? Conducted Paris Orchestra? I’m sorry that is nothing compared with the long list of truly worthy people who have won this award. Yu has done nothing for French music. He is a good orchestra manager, but I cannot say that he is a good conductor . He is far away from attaining the level of true Maestro. I just know that today’s music world is not true to the is just politics and money. Really sad to be French today and to be musician… What a dark future it must be if this kind of guy gets such a high honor. Classical music has no future if this is how things are done now.

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