Conductor quits reborn San Diego Opera

Conductor quits reborn San Diego Opera


norman lebrecht

December 17, 2014

The company may have revived after its last manager, Ian Campbell, declared it dead, but troubles persist.

Karen Keltner, appointed resident conductor Campbell in 1983, is leaving the job. A company lynchpin, she has conducted more than 150 performances of 40 operas over 30 years.



  • Prewartreasure says:

    My earlier comment disappeared faster than the mists around Valhalla, post Donner, and I couldn’t think why – then I researched the ethnicity of the subject under review and it ALL came clear.

    • Harold Lewis says:

      Prewartreasure, your published comment has provoked an interest on my part in your own ‘ethnicity’. Can you please advise me where I might be able to research this subject?

  • Prewartreasure says:

    Hello Harold. Greetings from the so-called favoured South (of the UK). I am, indeed, flattered that you should express an interest in me, for I am a nobody, and now in the late autumn of a long, fascinating and industrious life. I try hard not to bore people with irrelevant material, so I will refrain from answering the question you raise, if you don’t mind.

    My original comment (which Norman saw fit to take-down, politely and simply questioned the importance or general interest in broadcasting to the world the fact that a virtually unknown musician had handed in her notice.

    Perhaps my comment was not particularly intelligent or witty, but it was how I felt (still feel) and as Slipped Disc is a semi-public forum I wondered why my comment had been censored. My comment wasn’t rude, defamatory or illegal, so that is why I chose to follow-up with the remark you have seen, assuming that most folk with active grey matter would understand what I was getting at.

  • Nick says:

    Surely this is hardly surprising news. It’s perfectly usual for someone to leave after such a long and close association with a regime that is now departed. With smaller budgets and a new incoming Artistic Director, there is probably be no room in the new scheme of things for a Resident Conductor.