Broken baton: Karajan is vandalized in Salzburg

A bronze statute of Herbert von Karajan in the garden on his Salzburg birthplace was attacked early on Saturday and severely damaged.

The baton was broken off and there may have been an attempt to topple the statue altogether.

No cause is known for the attack.

herbert-von-karajan-in-salzburg-austria   karajanstatuebody2.5314505

before….                                                                after

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  • Conductor statues are (not) surprisingly rare. What other cities have public statues of conductors?

    San Juan, Puerto Rico – Arturo Portela


  • There is one in Oklahoma City — apparently to honour all of their orchestra’s conductors. I believe the face is of the current one. (Wonder of they plan to redo it every few years as conductors come and go…)

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