Violin teacher is shot in southern Italy

Domenico Lombardo, 47, is in a critical condition after being shot seven times in the head, neck, chest and abdomen. The suspect is the mother, aged 50, of a student, 26, with whom Lombardo was allegedly having a relationship.

A morbid variation on an operatic theme.

domenico lombardo-2


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  • It seems that the world of music and musicians is going through some extremely violent period, or is it just an impression because of new filter and gathering news criteria here.

  • I hope everyone’s Italian is good enough to get the gist of the story…..

    47 year old, father of two sons, is having it away with 26 year old girl who studies at same institution whereat he teaches. Mother barges in with 7.65 pistol and DOES NOT MANAGE TO KILL HIM EVEN THOUGH SHE SHOOTS 7 TIMES AT CLOSE RANGE!

    If only the English would learn from this Calabrian example, we readers of Norman Lebrecht’s column, would be spared the unending repetetive sagas of the Purcell School, Menuhin School and Chethams.

    I must add that I much prefer Verdi and Puccini to Gilbert and Sullivan hence my preference for Calabria over Hertfordshire.

    One final question..

    .Is this plot more suited to a tragedy or to a da Ponte/ Mozart collaboration comedy?

    • I hardly consider such a barbaric incident a good script for a comedy , but in a less violent context Woody Allen provided a fine example of one story qualifying for both , tragedy and comedy , in his 2004 film ”Melinda and Melinda”.

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