Lucerne Festival has a new music director

They just can’t announce it yet.

A press conference had been called for next Monday, but it appears the maestro can’t attend.

So the announcement has been postponed indefinitely. We can confirm that the new music director is male.

He succeeds the late Claudio Abbado.

Lucerne is very Swiss.

lucerne festival

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With regret, the media conference in the KKL Luzern originally planned for this coming Monday (24 November) has had to be postoned due to unexpected scheduling reasons. We will be back to you in due time. Thank you for your understanding.

With kind regards 

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

mit Bedauern müssen Ihnen mitteilen,  dass die für den kommenden Montag  (24. November) geplante Medienkonferenz im KKL Luzern aus kurzfristigen terminlichen Gründen leider nicht stattfinden kann. Wir werden zu gegebener Zeit wieder auf Sie zukommen. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.

Mit besten Grüssen

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  • The new Music Director of the Lucerne Festival is a male with a knighthood title bestowed to him and a curly hair……………..

  • At the risk of pedantry, this should be “Luzern Festival ORCHESTRA has a new Music Director”. As distinct from Michael Haefliger who is the whole Festival’s Executive and Artistic Director.

  • I thought Bernard Haitink was destined to succeed to maestro Abbado ?

    What does this “very Swiss” remark means ? Is it supposed to be a clue ? I can’t imagine Vladimir Ashkenazy or Charles Dutoit, or the young Philippe Jordan, as music directors for the Lucerne Festival and its orchestra…

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