All week, I’m dancing with Poles

All week, I’m dancing with Poles


norman lebrecht

November 26, 2014

First, that wonderful Grazyna Bacewicz recording.

Then, next Sunday, a whole day contemplating Andrzej Panufnik at Kings Place, London.

I knew Andrzej and liked him a lot. He was open-minded, open-hearted and rigorously principled.

His son, Jem, has made a film that will premiere on Sunday and I will chair a chat afterwards with the rest of the family. Do come.

Click here for tickets and information.

andrzej panufnik pipe


  • Aleksander Hanslik says:

    Norman deserves a “Gloria Artis” medal for his steady enlightening of the global audience to the great XX century Polish composers like A. Panufnik and G. Bacewicz .
    Panufnik is already a well established name however Grazyna Bacewicz is still a mostly undiscovered gem (listen to the album mentioned by Norman or K.Zimerman recording of HER sonata and quintets in DG). Grazyna Bacewicz belonged to those composers who could perform their music – she was also a great violinist and pianist.
    Kudos to Norman.

  • milka says:

    Her violin works are rather 2nd. rate
    if that ,and the rest warmed over
    whoever comes to mind .