800 million Youtube views, but this violinist is heading for back pain

800 million Youtube views, but this violinist is heading for back pain


norman lebrecht

November 26, 2014

Lindsey Stirling, the gyrating American violinist, has a new album out. She plays and dances on NBC Today, but we think she could pay for those backward contortions late in life. Why does’t she just play safe?



  • Adrian K says:

    Nah she’ll be fine. She doesn’t move her RArm nearly enough, and her LArm attitude in comparison/relation to rear shoulder movement is minimal really.
    Unless you mean that ‘because’ of this static hold she is obviously deliberately using to offset her dance moves with her lower body…

  • V.Lind says:

    She seems reasonably well trained in the kind of dance the pop rock people seem to do these days, and if she has been properly trained, she will know a good deal about balance, weight disposition, etc. It will be interesting to see whether her CD does well, or whether she has to be seen to be enjoyed.

  • Alla Aranovskaya says:

    nothing new.
    since Vanessa Mae started to do this so many violinists using this style to attract people who are not really familiar with classical music.

    • Ellie Light says:

      I don’t see a lot of similarity. But perhaps it’s because I like Dubstep. Vanessa hasn’t released a single album in over 10 years. 10 years! Don’t you think it was time for someone to take her place?

  • Dominic Stafford Uglow says:

    Why have they dressed her up like a 12 year old steam punk?

    • Ellie Light says:

      She’s dressed like Steam Punk because the song she performed on the Today show is a Stream Punk Western Themed song.

  • Bob M says:

    “Why does’t [sic] she just play safe?”

    Because we wouldn’t be talking about her if she didn’t. It’s her shtick – her way of getting attention by doing something that 8000 other people can do better than her within throwing distance.

    You didn’t think she was going to get any attention just playing the way she does, did you?

    • Ellie Light says:

      Please share the name of at least one of those 8000. I’ve scoured the internet. Google has zero, zilch, none, nada similar artists. So please, if you won’t give us the names, share them with google.

    • Yohooty Lofitz says:

      Amen!!! I remember seeing her first on Americas Got Talent billing herself as a hip hop violinist. Her absurdity has gotten her far with so little!

      • Ellie Light says:

        So little that she won an Echo , sold out her US and European tours, was the special guest of Andrea Bocelli in his UK Concert Tours, is the feature on Ovation’s Award Winning show Song-to-Song on Dec. 7th and 14th, will be performing with 16 time Grammy Winner Sting at the upcoming Dubai Jazz Festival.

  • Jorge Grundman says:

    I’m completely sorry, but Jenny Oaks Baker does more for the music than many and many players and dancers. Don’t believe me? Check this:


  • Cynthia Faisst says:

    Back problems?? Her core is made of silicon. But she may be a candidate for shoulder impingement at some point.

    Her gift is videographic editing.

  • Mark Henriksen says:

    She studied with Mick Jagger, obviously.

  • Maria Miller says:

    Lindsey Stirling is way overrated. There is no way that her Jive on dancing with the stars was better than Lindsay ‘s and Jordan ‘s acrobatic Charleston. As a violinist she has proven that you can make millions on YouTube if you win the crowd whether you are good or not