US musicians take 38% pay cut to help save their orchestra

The Memphis Symphony has been in trouble a long time. Now the waters have risen above chin level.

The musicians, facing oblivion, have agreed to take a reported 38% cut for the next year in the hope of keeping the struggling ensemble alive.

It’s the biggest employer of musicians in the city. It’s looking grim.

mei-ann chen

Mei-Ann Chen, music director

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  • Typical of symphony administrations/boards exhausting reserve funds while doing damn little to promote funding and then foisting draconian financial measures on musicians. This was the so-called “Memphis model” touted by the League of American Orchestras (LAO) – guess it hasn’t worked out so well.

  • This is similar to the sacrifice that the Atlanta Symphony Musicians agreed to in 2012. The Board was supposed to get off of their butts and raise funds, promote awareness, find supporters, do outreach, etc. to raise the necessary funds to get back to parity. Guess what? The lazy a__ board members did NOTHING and now two years later, they are demanding the musicians to give up more. Do not be hoodWinked into this. HOLD THE BOARD ACCOUNTABLE — EVERY WEEK, MUSIC SUPPORTERS NEED TO E- MAIL THEM OR call THEM OR USPS MAIL THEM ASKING WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AND HOW MUCH THEY HAVE RAISED THAT WEEK.

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