Fighting kangaroos are choreographed to Wagner

This is what thousands of Australians are watching right now on their screens – a pair of kangas slugging it out in the burbs.

It’s the closest most suburbanites will ever get to Wagner.

The cause of the dispute is unknown. Probably nothing to do with arts funding.

No need to watch to the end. The kangaroos, settling for a draw, are seen heading off to a bar for a 4X.

(No more stereotypes for the rest of the day. Promise.)

fighting kangas

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  • Unless this is an elaborate CGI hoax, there’s some serious gravity-defying going on there! I only watched a couple of minutes, but at several points both fighters seem to rest their full weight on their tails and lunge into their opponent with both feet. Makes sense if the tail is effectively a back (I’m choosing my words carefully here) leg, but the balance issue is still hard to get my layman’s head around.

  • When I watched it, I thought as much of ballet (or at least modern dance) as the Marquis of Queensberry — whose rules they seem to follow!

    When I went to replay it — on YouTube — the underscore was Waltz of the Flowers!

    Probably the closest most suburbanites will ever get to Tchaikovsky.

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