Ex-LSO trumpet has died, aged 92

Ex-LSO trumpet has died, aged 92


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October 22, 2014

Bram Wiggins was assistant principal trumpet in the London Symphony Orchestra for 11 years before migrating to Canada. He returned to play in other London orchestras and teach at the Royal Academy.

He is internationally known as an author of instrument tuition books and a composer of brass pieces.


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  • Howard Goodall says:

    Bram taught me at school and I was lucky enough to see him again just a few weeks ago to tell him he was the kindest, most down-to-earth, modest, most musical, considerate music teacher and band-leader anyone could wish for. He seemed surprised (and delighted), which was a measure of the man. He was also a sublime player, as his many recordings still witness. He was perfect proof that being a great musician is about humility not power.

  • Simon Dearsley says:

    Lovely man, led the Brass and Wind department’s at Stowe from 1962-1984 I think. Lived locally in Buckingham. At the opening of the new Music School, Bram meet up with his former pupil Howard Goodall; Howard looked after Bram like a King! It was wonderful. Bram saw the Head of Brass, Wind and Percussion’s room, named after Bram, again he was delighted. He called just last week, he wanted to leave some books to the Music Library ay School. Bram was in great form, and Nigel Gibbon ( Head of Brass at Stowe), came back with some lovely books and brass arrangements which Bram had not published, including his arrangement for Quintet of the Byrd’s ‘Pavane’ Earle of Salisbury, which we will use when the Flags are presented on Remembrance Day. He came to many weekly concerts, and was a tremendous support, twice I managed to pop to his flat in town and enjoy a glass of sherry with him, I wish I had made more time to see him he was such a font of amazing stories and insight. We shall miss him.