Top violin teacher is charged with teenage rape

Top violin teacher is charged with teenage rape


norman lebrecht

September 27, 2014

Manchester Police, investigating sex offences at Chetham’s School of Music, have charged Wen Zhou Li with one count of raping a teenaged girl at Chet’s and two of indecent assault. Wen also taught at the Royal Northern college of Music.

He was arrested last February and has been bailed several times before charges were finally brought.

Wen, 59, who will appear in court on October 16, was something of a poster boy for the school in its bid for international students. Presumptions of innocence apply, pre-trial.

wen zhou li


  • Ray Richardson says:

    “Presumptions of innocence apply, pre-trial.”

    So then why splash it across two columns? Especially so when you dont seem to be able to find even one column to announce Radio 3’s new head, announced on Radio 4’s 6pm News on Friday.

  • David Pickett says:

    It does perhaps seem less than a coincidence that the appointment of Davey should have been announced on the second day of Rosh Hashana, when NL was presumably otherwise engaged — a good day to make an announcement that would not be noticed?

    However, if this is the person that we were warned about here earlier, it would be interesting to read a different editorial take on the choice than the jolly cheer leading exercise by the BBC quoted above…

  • Worried Observer says:

    OMG here we go again with ANOTHER child abuse case at this shamed specialist music school!
    isn’t it high time someone (the Government?) actually had a full investigation into sexual abuse with underage children in the music schools they fund?……
    It was only earlier this month The Purcell Music School was in the headlines again, for harbouring Daniel King Smith, a school accompanist, who crossed the line with unacceptable verbal sexual abuse and innuendo a second time in 3 years, before he was quietly got rid of in the same way as the former Head, Peter Crook (incredibly still teaching music in and English owned school in Dubai, despite being moved on following two investigations over several allegations of verbal sexual abuse of underage boys.)
    And lets not forget the sexual misdameanors uncovered at other Government funded Menhuin and St Mary’s Edinburgh Music schools…….
    Come on Government and The Music and Dance Scheme who fund the prized places at these dens of child abuse
    – listen to campaigner Ian Pace, read and digest all that gets mentioned on this site, and protect our music students from any more historical or current child abuse once and for all!

    • Rachel white says:

      I am a female who attended one of these top specialist music schools in the ’90s and I can tell you that all these trials are painting an incorrect picture of what it was like. We were nurtured and cared for at my school. We had a wonderful time and received privileged musical training. The negatives are being blown out of proportion. I was never aware of any abuse happening and we were a very close and very small network of girls who confided in each other about everything. We would have known if stuff was going on at my school.