Russian ballet’s bad boy defects to Hollywood

The ever-interesting Gramilano has picked up a Ria Novosti report saying that Sergei Polunin, possibly the most gifted Russian dancer of his generation, has walked out on his Moscow company and flown to Los Angeles in pursuit of a movie career.

Polunin, 25, previously walked out on London’s Royal Ballet.

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  • Defects?

    “Sergei decided to leave the ballet and pursue an acting career. He went to Hollywood, where he will learn in acting school. At 25 years old Sergei Polunin has achieved everything, what can only dream dancer, and decided to start a new life,” – said Karapetyan.
    If something in Polunin goes wrong or he changes his mind and wants to come back again in the ballet, the way the director said, “the door of the Musical Theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko always open for him.”

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