Now the Met’s a fire hazard

Breaking news on SFCV: the Met’s scenery has not been fire-proofed.

The house is having to take on extra firemen to protect the backstage area, at considerable cost.

Read here.

met fire

image from the Met’s Ring

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  • Better to shut the house down and start extensive renovation. That will cost a fortune. But I see no other possibility. It is more likely that the Met will settle for a state of disrepair, preferring deferred maintenance as its modus operandi. I am not sure people like to donate their dollars in support of such an organization.

    • Glad to know just Figaro’s sets are a fire hazard. Plenty of other hazards in the house, though. They do not require fire fighters, but people who understand how to turn the Met from a relic into a relevant 21st century performing arts institution. Thus far, I have not picked up the slightest indication that such a radical process has begun, let alone begun to be considered.

  • But how on earth is it possible that the Met’s Production Managers allowed this to happen? It’s not as though fireproofing is a new requirement! Were the sets constructed out of house? If so, who was supervising that construction? Someone really should be fired!!!

    “Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio…
    Or di fuoco . . .”

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