Jessye Norman: Women singers are judged in ways men are not

She’s speaking on the BBC’s Hard Talk, with special reference to the Glyndebourne fat pack.


jessye norman hard talk

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  • Pirkko says:

    Of course they/we are. Could as well have said that men singers are judged in ways women are not.

  • milka says:

    One suspects Ms. Norman at this
    stage of her life is having fun .The Hard talk show is just theatrical baloney
    with a sliver of truth thrown in for good measure. It was fun to watch her
    carry on the diva bit and she was the
    real thing , still looks terrific ….

  • John Borstlap says:

    I saw the interview on TV and it was great. Especially thrilling is the fragment of Mrs Norman singing the Liebestod in Africa-style garb, against a backdrop of fire… this would have sent Wagner in paroxisms of contradictory emotions, a pleasant thought.

  • José Valadez says:

    Miss Norman does not need to read her critics or watch the news about what they say of her because she is a diva, a real diva and great artist. She is , in one word, excellent. May God bless her forever !

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