Atlanta Symphony is hours from closure

No news is bad news.

The musicians have been awaiting in talks with the ASO, with a lockout deadline looming tonight. It’s the second such situation in three years and no-one has got to the bottom of the cash drain in the Woodruff Center, which has nothing to do with the cost of the musicians payroll.

Having given all that was asked of them in 2012, the musicians have no slack left for concessions.

If the ASO management does not blink over the next few hours, the city will go into Minnesota madness.



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  • I am heartsick that it has come down to this again. We have one of the best Orchestras in the World. They should be performing not worrying about where their next pay check is coming from and if provides a living comparable wage. Lessons were learned last time but how easily they were forgotten. I am a donor and volunteer. I demand to know where my contributions have been going.

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