Video: Arthur Rubinstein teaches Spanish dance

Another gem from MeloClassic. Where do they find ’em?

(Click on the blue word ‘Post’ if the video does not pop out)

Arthur Rubinstein playing Steinway piano keyboard in front of audience in 1947 film 'Carnegie Hall'

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  • I believe it’s Artur? In any case, his autobiography, esp, Vol I, should not be missed. It was an enviable life.

    • From Rubinstein auto-bio:

      In later years, my manager Sol Hurok used the h-less “Artur” for my publicity, but I sign “Arthur” in countries where it is common practice, “Arturo” in Spain and Italy, and “Artur” in the Slav countries.

      • Hurok seems to have been quite a type…. About the problem of marketing his artists, he said: “If the audience doesn’t want to come to the concert, there’s nothing to stop them.”

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