Musicians union issues warning on Jackie Evancho concerts

Musicians union issues warning on Jackie Evancho concerts


norman lebrecht

August 09, 2014

Dear Members,

Recording Artist Jackie Evancho is scheduled to perform in the following cities, with a locally-hired orchestra in each venue:

August 10, 2014  American Music Theatre (Lancaster, PA)

November 22, 2014 – Mayo Performing Arts Center (Morristown, NJ)

February 22, 2015 – Peace Concert Hall (Greenville, SC)

March 26, 2015 –  Ruth Eckerd Hall (Clearwater, FL)

April 23, 2015 – Grove Theatre (Shippensburg, PA)


The Producers of this event have been resistant to file Local AFM agreements for these engagements, which is troubling in light of the Producer’s intentions to film one or more of these concerts for a planned public television project.


If you are called to perform services for this event please contact your Local union to ensure a proper Agreement is in place.


If you discover or are called for taping for a public television project featuring Jackie Evancho, please contact Pat Varriale at the New York office of the AFM, (917) 229-0234, or by E-mail  This applies even if you are asked to mime to pre-recorded tracks, as the AFM covers this employment as well.


Again, the producers of this program have not entered into the AFM National Public Television Agreement and, therefore, your services will not be properly covered.


Thank you for your assistance.

Patrick M. Varriale

Assistant Director

Electronic Media Services Division

American Federation of Musicians

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  • Kathleen McCarthy says:

    The Unionville Times states that Jackie Evancho will be performing at a “sold out” concert at Longwood Gardens PA on August 21st. This is the concert planned to be filmed for PBS. Oddly, this concert is not listed on the Longwood Gardens site or the Jackie Evancho site.

  • Chas says:

    The memo is confusing and inaccurate in that none of the listed concerts are related to the PBS concert, which is scheduled for August 21st, at Longwood Gardens, PA.

  • Johnathan says:

    Hhmm. Sounds like someone is upset PBS has decided not to grease their palm. Oh well should be an outstanding concert.

  • says:

    let’s let individual musicians make up their own mind about playing where they want to. Let’s stop this ridiculous notion that musician unions are protecting anything but their own fat pockets. These ridiculous goons represent nothing but their own interests. There won’t be any pensions for musicians in the future economy, and these gumbas cause more harm then good. I understand that in the past they helped level the playing field by protecting musicians in negotiations and working conditions….there is no need for them now. They are a pack of leaches.

    • bratschegirl says:

      Pretty much the classic “right to work – for less” argument. As long as there are people who espouse that position, unions will remain relevant and necessary. The idea that employer attempts to deprive workers of proper wages and working conditions are a thing of the past is a nice fantasy, but only that.

    • NYMike says:

      Of course, let’s let each individual musician in an orchestra sit down with an anti-labor union attorney hired by management to bargain for his/her contract and possible? benefits. What could be fairer? Don’t let the facts surrounding the management giveback demands on work rules and compensation in Philadelphia, Minneapolis and NY’s Met orchestra intrude on your convoluted thinking.

      Actually, the “goons with the fat pockets” are the attorneys with their $800/hour fees, not the AFM local officers elected by the musicians to represent them.

  • Stephen Runnels says:

    Just the fact the author has no clue as to the scheduling, and then generalizing the venues Jackie is scheduled to perform shouts to some form of sour grapes. Trying to turn musicians against Jackie Evancho is just pitiful. Most likely the author of the article or someone related to them can’t come close to the talent necessary to be a part of the Jackie Evancho concert experience.

  • Chas says:

    Well, the PBS concert has come and gone. Apparently the e-mail memo was thoroughly confusing to the local AFM members as well since no picket signs were evident at Longwood Gardens, an orchestra took the stage, and a most amazing concert was recorded for broadcast in December 2014.

  • catmando says:

    I so wanted to attend Longwood. I knew it was going be HUGE, with all her new songs. I was physically unable to attend, due to a bad back, and now I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I will attend her concert in San Antonio as I live only five hours away.

  • catmando says:

    Norm are you planning on a post about Awakening? You can pre-order the CD now from Amazon for $11.88 and the MP3 for $8.99 but they won’t be shipped until the 23rd.

  • catmando says:

    Hey cabbagejuice better not listen to Jackie’s Vocalise. It will make you swallow all that ugly criticism you’ve heaped upon her.

  • Bruce Macintyre says:

    I appreciate the musicians who back Miss Evancho, yet my experience with unions is that they’re mostly for the benefit of their officers and pretty much use cynical extortion to keep control. I hope musicians can make their own independent contracts. In any case, this artist could sing a cappella and not lose a fan.

  • Bruce Macintyre says:

    I posted my comment on Nov 8 at 4:30 P.M. Hope their timing is better when they play.

  • Bruce Macintyre says:

    They’re in London?

  • Bruce Macintyre says:

    Ah, the discredited Norman Lebrecht’s lair – the critic whose British publisher had to recall and shred his book after a lawsuit over inaccuracies. Now he’s after Miss Evancho? Well, she’s only 14 and will be going strong when Norm is dust.