Lang Lang’s new arm candy

Lang Lang’s new arm candy


norman lebrecht

August 29, 2014


lang lang bianca jagger

He’s been dining in Vienna with Bianca Jagger.

Do we know who she is?

Does he?


  • Steve says:

    They’ve been friends for awhile. They dined in Salzburg, not Vienna, where he performed with Daniele Gatti & the VPO.

  • Martin Kisling says:

    who will be next, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison?! I really miss the times when the
    artist(s) REALLY concentrated on(ly) on their duty – music making… this is really disappointing and miserable. Just a honest thought…

    • Steven de Mena says:

      When was it that classical artists did not attend post concert parties with the cream of the social circuit? Conductor Daniele Gatti was also in attendance.

    • Michael Schaffer says:

      That’s one of the strangest comments I have read here (or elsewhere on the net) in a while. So musicians are not allowed to go out to dinner and have a good time like “normal” people?

      • Nick says:

        I totally agree! “Disappointing and miserable!” How neurotic! Organisers, donors and VIP ticket holders expect artists to attend post-concert receptions, especially in society-laden Festivals like Salzburg. Nowadays it is not unusual for some major artists to have a clause in their contract stipulating that they will attend (unless ill) a special donor’s reception.

        Presumably Mr. Kisling also considers that top golfers, tennis players and other athletes should no longer be permitted to appear at sponsor and other society events because they ought to be spending all their time practising or hiding behind the walls of their multi-million dollar mansions.

  • CDH says:

    Lang Lang is disdained on this site. (He’s not alone). As a result, most posts about him find fault where there is really no need.

    How good he is as a musician is for more knowledgeable people than I am to determine. I only know that the two concerts I have attended were both pleasurable if not necessarily as dazzlingly unforgettable as some others (e.g. the first time I saw Benedetti in concert, or Nikolaj Znaider). When I happened to meet him briefly, he was pleasant and unassuming, even self-effacing. I went to one of his Master classes and he was charming and perceptive with the students, and included the audience in the overall exercise in a way that suggested a good sense of humour and a wish to communicate.

    I gather his cardinal sin is to try to broaden his appeal and bring more people into the ambit of classical music, by means including some crossover. I don’t know him — maybe he is just greedy and cashing in. But maybe he is a realist who sees that he can use his celebrity to open ears otherwise unlikely to encounter good music. He may not be Martha Argerich, but he can deliver a pretty agreeable bit of Chopin.

    He is also well-known to be engaged in a range of philanthropic activities. That may be his common ground with Bianca Jagger. The somewhat misanthropic approach to this photo op almost implies that his interest in her is her surname. But she moved on from that marriage long ago and is a vigorous humanitarian. I suspect they might have much to discuss when they meet.

    And in any case, why shouldn’t they?

  • Elvira Silverman says:

    Why we fail to understand that musicians ,after hours and hours of practicing, concerts, recitals,traveling,need to relax and enjoy a little bit of relaxation?
    Why so happy to criticize ?

  • hermine stover says:

    maybe she is really a VERY NICE LADY. I would be careful of laying the Yoko Ono curse on her unless she were dating Yo Yo Ma