Old pals act by Arts Council? Its ex-chair gets a grant…

Old pals act by Arts Council? Its ex-chair gets a grant…


norman lebrecht

July 01, 2014

The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain has been accepted into the ACE’s national portfolio for the first time. The NYO is an essential organisation. It was founded in 1948 and managed without gusranteed public funding for 64 years.

But its new chair is the former chair of ACE, Liz Forgan. Dame Liz knew which buttons to push. NYO will now learn how to be good bureaucrats.



  • Anon says:

    Not completely accurate there. They’ve been supported by ACE and DoE for at least a year now. See this announcement by ACE from Nov 2012:


  • Clearly not a case of what you know but who you know. Speaking as a state school education member of the NYO in the 1980s (one of only a few), do you know what the percentage split today between privately educated members and those from state schools?

  • Sara Nathan says:

    How can it be a bad thing for this rather good orchestra for talented young people to get some public core funding? I just wish not all funding for worthwhile activity had to be project linked. All charities have core costs which need funding to enable them to exist and its a nightmare getting it (I’m a trustee of a charity with nothing to do with the arts and it’s the same there) And if the NYO has a high number of private school members – I have no idea whether that is true – maybe its because of the maceration of peripatetic teaching in state schools rather than because it is itself elitist.