Munich memorial for Lorin Maazel

Munich memorial for Lorin Maazel


norman lebrecht

July 18, 2014

On Monday, at the St Michael Church in Munich, Valery Gergiev will conduct Brahms’s German Requiem in memory of Lorin Maazel. The orchestra will be made up of musicians from the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra; Maazel had been music director of both orchestras. The chorus will combine singers from the Munich Philharmonic Chorus and the Bavarian Radio Chorus, with soloists Christiane Karg and bass Georg Zeppenfeld. Bavarian Radio will carry a live broadcast of this concert.

Gergiev will be conducting Mahler in London until 10pm the night before. He is due to succeed Maazel at the Munich Philharmonic in September 2015.



  • Reinhold Martin says:

    Perhaps Gergiev might fly to Munich on a route over East Ukraine for having a meeting with Maazel? This might also solve the issues people are having in Munich with Putin’s fav conductor.

  • Elizabeth owen says:

    That’s a horrible thing to say you should be ashamed of yourself! Whether you like him or not to wish him dead is nasty.

  • Anonymus says:

    Why was the above death wish not filtered out as spam? Mr. Lebrecht, your blog is turning more and more into a nasty and cheap propaganda tool.

  • Hasbeen says:

    Agree with anonymus. Too many mean spirited and nasty comments. To disagree with artistic choices or polices is one thing but some the the remarks are way out of line.

  • Martin Kisling says:

    Dear Reinhold,
    Russian decision makers are well known for their high standards will not allow their citizens to fly over such dangerous area 🙂

  • Branimir Pofuk says:

    Just because there is no more moderation of the comments here. It’s the end of sanity and decency of this forum. Sorry.

    • Gerhard says:

      In my experience there is certainly some sort of moderation in this blog. Several of my comments, perfectly civil ones, of course, have been deleted without any explanation. So it seems more that there is no understandable policy behind the decisions on what gets posted and what is eliminated. Otherwise I fully agree with you.

  • Harold Braun says:

    Mr.Martin certainly should be banned from this forum for his disgusting,violence embracing comments.he definitely crossed the line!I really expect some action taken her now!!!

    • Reinhold Martin says:

      Dear Norman, please ban me. Too many nice and too good people around here. See you all in the forthcoming WWIII scenario initiated by good guy Putin and friends.

      • anonymus says:

        Reinhold, the Ukraine crisis was designed and implemented in Washington. Putin is just a player, not the creator of the game. The game is called: destabilize Russia and keep them out of Europe(-an collaboration). Call Zbigniev Brzezinski (or read his book) if you want to learn about the rules. Now old Zbig is the kind of psychopathic guy, who really would like to see WWIII, Putin not so much.

  • Dave T says:

    Mr. Lebrecht: Your many postings and tributes to Lorin Maazel have been most respectful and decent. Pity your streak had to break by showing him posed in such a ridiculous looking outfit. Is LM getting out of jail or clown school? Surely there are yet a few additional dignified photos from which you could still choose.

    • Gerhard says:

      The “ridiculous looking outfit” is an older Bayern München jersey. You may not like its looks, but rest assured, even its opponents and competitors would never dream of thinking of this club as a “clown school”. If you want to know more, check out their website:

      • Dave T says:

        Why is my phone company’s logo on his what does look like a pajama top? Was he paid to display that? Wouldn’t have thought that he was so desperate for cash.

    • Branimir says:

      I was privileged to have an interview with maestro Maazel last year, shortly after the Champions League final with Bayern in it. Maestro was there and was much impressed by the event, including the noise of cheering. He was also writing about it in his blog. And here is his contribution to Bayern, another pride of Munich, just as the splendid Munich orchestras are.

  • Don Ciccio says:

    I remember reading in the German press that Maestro Maazel was the only music director the Munich Philharmonic was sorry to see go since Celi.

  • anonymus says:

    There were only two in-between Celi and Maazel: Levine and Thielemann. Who cares what the press writes anyway.