Frankfurt Oper boss gets renewed for the decade

Frankfurt is so pleased with its intendant Bernd Loebe it has extended his contract to summer 2023. He has been in the job since 2002.

Season subscriptions are up by 12,000 and the average ticket sales are running at 85 percent.

Funny, he never looks all that happy.



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  • Dear Norman, Loebe for sure is not happy, because he wanted always to get the Berlin Opera Houses. And there was already a strong rumor that he will take Staatsoper Berlin. But as you see that didn’t work (again!). He is a very difficult character and thats very well known in the Opera community.

  • Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!!! One of the best Intendants around. Loyal to his company, up front as a boss, generous with his time and his understanding, a really good eye and ear for what works more often than not, and in the last 12 years has put Oper Frankfurt back where it should be (i.e. at the TOP!). Good on ‘im, I say!

  • My one experience of this house is the recent production of Delius’s ‘A Village Romeo and Julliet’ – enormously daring for a house like Frankfurt, but (artistically, at least – I know nothing of sales other than it was a pretty full Friday night performance) an absolute triumph. Many of the intendants of the larger more ‘vanilla’ houses should really take a leaf out of Loebe’s book.

  • That said, will he be able to keep it up for 21 years… that’s a pretty long stint by anybody’s measure.

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