Missing Mozart: 60 new documents uncovered

Missing Mozart: 60 new documents uncovered


norman lebrecht

June 16, 2014

A pair of Harvard academics have launched a new website for lost Mozart documents, of which there are plenty.

Dexter Edge and David Black promise 60 unknown treasures in their first batch, including first-night reviews of Figaro and Cosi and a hithrto unrecorded Mozart concert in 1787. Click here.




  • Evan Baker says:

    Dexter Edge is at the University of Michigan.

    This is an extraordinary accomplishment, and with the tools of the internet, and with Michael Lorenz’s splendid expertise and assistance, undoubtedly more important and fascinating documents will appear.

  • Brian says:

    Now if there were document(s) showing any of the last three symphonies actually were performed in Mozart’s lifetime, wouldn’t that be something?