Breaking: Zubin Mehta quits Valencia

He told a press conference today that he can’t live with government cuts at the Palau de les Arts, where he has conducted since 2005.

Subsidy has fallen from 1.4 million Euros in 2011 to 400,000 this year. The number of musicians in the orchestra has dropped from 96 to 57.


mehta sofia

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  • This departure has been going on for about 2 wks. now but today Mehta really spilled the beans at a press conference. He’s furious that Barcelona’s Liceo Opera received 11 million
    euros in govt. subsidy while Les Arts only got 400,00.

    He announced that Les Arts will now become a provincial theater. He did, however, say he’s saving room in his 2016 schedule in case things at Les Arts improve.

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