Czech horror as Philharmonic spatters its season with blood

Czech horror as Philharmonic spatters its season with blood


norman lebrecht

May 23, 2014

The promo film for the new Czech Philharmonic season is founded on the historical fact that Antonin Dvorak’s father was supposedly a butcher. But the images on display belong more to the Hollywood catalogue of horror than to any aspect of the composer’s musical conditioning. See what you think. Many Czechs are appalled. Vegetarians won’t be pleased.

czech pigphonie


  • Rudolf Zarathustra Šnajdr says:

    In 1 word: STUPID!!!!!

  • Tim Benjamin says:

    They’ve made a right pig’s ear out of that! Boom, ching, thank you very much.

    Ahem. Well I thought it was pretty cool actually. I find it hard to believe anyone’s really outraged. It’ll do it’s job of being shared around the Internet quite well I’m sure.

  • Rosana Martins says:

    Why do so many people make an effort to show bad taste? Isn’t publicity supposed to attract the public to listen to beautiful music? HORRID!

  • Martin says:

    I agree with Tim Benjamin. It might not be images all poeple can identify with, but the video clearly shows that music can enhance visuals. It might not be the best idea or the best video production ever, but it does what it has to do – draw attention. It will for years to come, as the internet won’t forget this video.

    Three sentences begin with “it”….well some people might now think I’m stupid…I might be, but I wrote more that a few “it”s.

  • Tom says:

    It’s interesting to read that many Czechs are appalled. I am Czech and I am not appalled. And I haven’t seen other Czechs appalled of this video.
    I think that it’s a great clip and so think other people I talked to.
    Classical music is not boring and so is this movie.

  • Nick says:

    Surely that is NOT a promo video for a “season”? It seems from the last slide that it is merely for one open air concert on June 24? If so, then presumably the video is geared towards marketing the event to a much larger than usual audience including those who don’t normally attend ‘live’ concerts. And if that is the case, then “Bravo” to the Czech Phil for breaking out of the bounds of the usual often boring orchestra marketing campaigns.

  • Jakub says:

    Yes, I like this way!

  • Romaric says:

    Wow impressive, modern unusual and very creative video clip.

  • mai says:

    From vegetarian point of view not so nice, but artistic point of view, well done. this project includes lots of connection pointed in visuals, catching young people eyes….First of all, the concept reminds me John Cages famous 4’33… Well DONE.

  • Andrei says:

    I see it far too often: people complain that nobody listens to good ol’music anymore, that everybody is chasing Beiber or Gaga nowadays and forgetting the philharmonic, and when one guy comes and tries to shake things up and bring young hip audience every old bloke complains that it ruins the tradition.

    Let me put it this way: if you want to keep traditions then get used to being broke. If you want to prosper then you need to follow the market.

    The clip is just what music needs: a bit of a shake, a bit of an outrage and a bucket load of new spectators

  • Sergio says:

    I dont really see why an advertising spot should display “aspects of the composer s musical conditioning”, this is not a documentary, is just a spot supposed to bring the attention on the Philharmonic Orchestra!!! On the other hand, i dont see the point of the author when says that vegetarians would be unpleased… well, maybe a Gothic young guy, or a punk rocker who would never consider the Philharmonic like a possibility would change his mind… Lets just be open, the Orchestra is clearly tryng to bring new audiences to their show, give me a break!