Breaking: Pereira agrees to lead La Scala for just one year. All eyes now on Chailly.

The embattled Alexander  Pereira has accepted the offer of the Scala board to be an interim director for a year, resigning on December 31, 2015. It is a humiliating climbdown for the director, sweetened by a reported salary of 40,000 Euros a month. He may still hope that a successful year might persuade the board to give him an extension, but that seems unlikely.

Pereira was responsible for persuading Riccardo Chailly to return to Milan as chief conductor. Will Chailly hold to his agreement?

First indications are that Maestro Chailly is playing his own game, the long game…

riccardo chailly

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    • they unfortunately had to accept this though no one wants this man, they should never have accepted him but Salzburg is happy that they got rid of this most overrated man

  • Pereira says: “I’ve got time till end of 2015 to show that I know my business. Then the board in new composition will be able to decide unhurriedly on how to further proceed. And I will be able to decide too. If things will be going on like during the last weeks, I won’t feel like staying at La Scala. But I know the quality I am able to deliver. I am not afraid, my risk is low.” (Apologies for the translation’s shortcomings.)

    Full interview here (auf Deutsch):

  • this fool is so full of himself, they could not bear him any-more in Salzburg and in Zurich he stayed too long also. The quality he brought to Salzburg was low. La Scala had better productions under Lissner than Pereira has brought to Salzburg. Finally Chailly replacing Barenboim at La Scala so why don’t they aks a capable Italian next to the Maestro, someone with taste and the right feeling for managing a prestigious house like La Scala?

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