New video: A Lamborghini dies on a London street

It’s not often you see an expensive piece of hardware mindlessly destroyed in a mundane setting.

For those who care about the details, it’s a matt-black Aventador worth £300k ($450k). The crash, captured by a passer-by, happened in Kensington on Sunday. The driver seemed a bit upset.


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    • That’s sort of obvious here anyway!

      Also the camera looks away when the driver goes to harass the minivan driver, so I’m assuming the video was intended to catch some glorious stunt in the first place.

  • We discuss the price of a car and mourn its loss, but no one wonders if the driver of the car that was hit was injured ?

  • What does this have to do “shifting sound worlds”?

    Was the blonde lady driving the Aventador a conductor?

    • And made what looks like a grossly illegal and reckless turn. No sympathy here, only for the innocent driver of the other car. Though as a piece of performance art, given no injuries, it’s pretty impressive. In the US, the Lambo idiot driver would lose his insurance.

  • A rough estimate of the speed of that car based on the video: I figure it’s going about six car-lengths in one second, so,,, if the car is 18 feet long…

    108 feet/second x 3600seconds/hour x 1mile/5280 feet= about 73 miles per hour.

    Probably excessive speed for a city street.

  • 1. It’s rough being rich isn’t it!

    2. The car is amazing, but also absurd. It’s peed capability can’t be safely or legally realized on any road and it’s too valuable to drive.

    3. Predictably, the Lambo driver was driving too fast. (But, who was at fault? This situation is unclear to me…I know making such a determining can be kind of counter-intuitive.)

  • The ‘other’ car came from the right. So by itself in Britain the Lamborghini had right of way. Unless his/her speed was much too high.

    Now to bring the topic back to music, how many musicians have such cars? Quite a lot I think. At least Porsches are common. Not only because of Karajan.

  • It’s funny how so many people – I guess out of simple envy – take a stance against the obviously richer guy here. In fact the Lambo had the right of way and the other car cut him and caused the accident (unless he crossed a red light but doesn’t look like it). And the lambo driver didn’t throw a tantrum either. So why the hate against the rich guy?

    • I stated thus too, but I added that perhaps, as some suggest, the Lamborghini drove too fast.

      But perhaps it is rather because of the stealth capacities the other driver did not see him in time.

      Moreover I added that it would be interesting to see how many of the musicians we respect have such cars. But maybe they settle for a Porsche, since Karajan. I know that Lawrence Renes had a Porsche, and he is not that well-known. And Jaap van Zweden had something with fast cars too.

  • There is a car dealership that specialises in high performance cars not far from where that was filmed.

    OK the UK has a 30mph speed limit in force in that part of London, but the idiot who pulled out of the side road needed to ensure their path was clear. A Speeding Lambo isn’t exactly quiet.

    However 30mph is 30mph whether the car driver is driving a Lambo or (and as I drive one) a Skoda Roomster with the family in it. (Great car for transporting family, plus musical instruments in.)

    • My definition of a car is something that you can drive your mother around in plus transport a refrigerator with when necessary. Most Skoda’s fit that job.

      Anyway I don’t even have a car.

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