Andre Previn, resting at 85

Andre Previn, resting at 85


norman lebrecht

April 03, 2014

His birthday’s on Sunday and his website has not been updated for over four years.

Andre, it seems, is taking a break.

andre previn


  • Mark Stratford says:

    I think the LSO have booked him next season to conduct A.S Mutter in his violin concerto.

    • 18mebrumaire says:

      Thanks for the warning.

      • Derek Castle says:

        I’ve got a ticket for £10 – mainly to see the fabulous Ms Mutter, who deigned to come to Birmingham with the Dvorak last year. A cynical old codger bowled over.

  • A fine musician. I hope he is doing well.

  • sdReader says:

    Great, great man! One of the most important musicians of the Postwar period — from Bad Day at Black Rock (1954), the Gigi arrangement (1958), Violin Sonata (1960), and You’re Gonna Hear From Me (1965) to Piano Trio (2008) and the beautiful Clarinet Sonata (2010), with two respected operas and a few jazz-pianist detours in between, to say nothing of recordings: Shosty 5 with the LSO (1965), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1976), Debussy Images (1981), Walton 1 with the RPO (1987), VW’s London Symphony (Telarc), Elgar 1 (Philips), five Strauss discs with the Vienna Phil. A few Oscars, a few Grammy awards. Nobody embraces it all as well as Previn.

    Happy birthday, André, if you’re reading this! … and more chamber music, please! — skip the ad!

    • Russell Platt says:

      Don’t forget his Rachmaninoff 2, and the Walton Va/Vn Concertos with Kennedy! Benchmarks. In certain music, he’s stunning….His own Bassoon Sonata is also excellent.

      • sdReader says:

        I haven’t heard it! It’s a little earlier, isn’t it? From the 1990s.

        I think in the end he’ll be remembered for what he wrote, more than for what he recorded or for his conductorships. And nobody discusses him as a composer. They are missing the wood for the trees, imho.

        I hope he’s OK. I wonder where he is?

  • Anonymous interviewer says:

    I directed a long interview with Mr Previn in NYC for British television a couple of years ago; he was fabulously lively, full of stories, and still reserved his strongest passion for the musical parts of the conversation. The crew liked him very much. More, please! London, somebody said?

  • SLiljegren says:

    Listen to Mr. Previn interview/banter/play with Oscar Peterson and the Pittsburgh. It is priceless, as Is Mr. Previn.

  • JMAdams says:

    Writing to wish Mr. Andre Previn a wonderful, full, and Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been enjoying your Album from 1961, Thinking of You, all morning.

    You sir are one of the greatest living legends the world is lucky enough to still have: and I hope you stick around a while longer yet.

  • Douglas says:

    He’s booked in at the Blue Note in NYC this June for 3 nights duo with bassist Christian McBride.