A stalwart of English opera

We have been informed of the death last week of Ann Howard, a mezzo-soprano who performed and recorded in many important productions with English National Opera and other leading UK companies. She sang 250 Carmens and was a memorable Fricka.

Ann, who died on March 26th at her home in Surbiton, near London, was 79 years old.


ann howard

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  • A charming and beautiful woman and a client of Stafford Law for many, many years. Her international career was actually quite extensive and she sang at the Santa Fe Festival and throughout the USA a good deal. The picture above, which was her publicity shot for some time, provoked the reaction from a tenor’s wife: ‘ She sings, also?’.

    Here is a clip of her singing Delila in Santiago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz2nKXuty84

  • I am very sorry to learn of the death of mezzo soprano, Ann Howard. I saw her in a number of operas when I was living in the UK . May she rest in peace.

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