More upheaval at Dartington

More upheaval at Dartington


norman lebrecht

March 25, 2014

Having dismissed Nicholas Daniel after one year as summer school director, the chaotic Devon trust has appointed the pianist Joanna Macgregor to take charge for the next three years. Nick has been treated shabbily. Can Joanna expect better? Story here.

joanna macgregor


  • Una Barry says:

    The photo says it all!

    • Chris Walsh says:

      Sorry, my ears are waxed up this morning, and I can’t lip-read.

      Exactly what is this photo saying? (And if it’s only saying “It all”, my apologies.)

  • Dartington should be warned: Ms McGregor is not the type of person who takes agreements seriously.

  • Alan T says:

    Nick Daniel was only contracted to be there for one year anyway so how does this translate into being ‘treated shabbily’? Joanna Macgregor’s name was already being mentioned pretty openly before the official announcement of Nick taking on the appointment this year and so it seems the ‘chaotic’ trust may actually have some solid plans to rebuild the Summer School. Anyway Norman…not see you there for a while. Why would that be?